Who we Are:

Gerry Yaeger, The Digital Coach™ is a consultant and trainer specializing in Digital Imaging, Color Management, Photography and Imacon/Hasselblad FlexColor Software.

He has over 50 years of experience in the Graphic Arts, Photography and Printing Industry. Gerry's unique mix of business and computer skills, photographic, pre-press and printing knowledge combine to give you practical information in an easy-to-understand format. His style of presentation makes even the most difficult subjects easy to grasp.

Our clients consist of many well known companies and leading Photographers, Graphic Designers and Photo Enthusiasts

Gerry is certified by The Graphic Arts Technical Foundation, Eastman Kodak Co. and X-Rite, as a trainer and Color Management Specialist.

What we do:

The Digital Coach™ offers one-on-one personal training, via web conference training or onsite training at your facility. We also offer group training such as workshops and seminars which can be custom designed to train your company or your clients. For more info about the different programs, see the FAQ's page.

Color Management still remains a challenge. While many excellent seminars have been conducted, there is still a real need to get a little extra help. Training is just the thing to fill in the blank spaces in your under-standing of this complex subject.

Many photographers have made the conversion to digital. As Digital Imaging has matured, getting the best results requires additional training. The Digital Coach™ can help.

FlexColor Tutorials. I have created some FlexColor Tutorials.

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Gerry's Bio:

Gerry has served as Technical Services Manager for a major scanner manufacturer and managed the pro-digital department for several major suppliers to the photographic and graphic arts industry. He has also given Seminars all over the USA.

He is equally at home on the production side, understanding the needs and demands of his clients. Gerry is frequently called upon as an advisor to implement solutions for all types of digital imaging applications. Photographers of all skill levels look to Gerry for help getting the maximum results.

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