Imacon/Hasselblad, FlexColor and Flextight Tutorials

Many times the value of adding new equipment or processes is lost because of a long learning curve to implement the new devices. Sometimes you have a problem and don't know where to begin. We can help you get up to speed much faster and begin making money sooner. Our new Tutorials can help you get better results with a minimum of effort. The Tutorials are free to use but feel free to make a voluntary donation if you wish. Click here to access PayPal, click Send, enter, fill in the amount and click continue. Thanks for your support.

Checking Focus

It is very important that your scanner is in focus. Here is a very easy way to check that. Before you even think about trying to sharpen an image on your scanner, you need to confirm that it's focus is sharp. Here's how to fix it as well. Click here to see the tutorial.

Sharpening Tutorial

Once you have your scanner's focus nice and sharp, it time to set up sharpening. Click here for the how and why.

Creating a Custom Frames

So you purchased a custom frame, now what. Here's how to create a custom frame and tell the scanner how to scan using that frame. We threw in a few tricks as well. Click here for the tutorial.

Creating a Custom Setup

Custom Setups allow us to control many factors of our image and are highly recommended. Learn how in this tutorial. Click here for the tutorial.

Servicing the Drive System

How to check and maintain the Drive System on your scanner. Includes drive belts, rollers, springs etc. Click here for the tutorial.


This tutorial covers banding or lines in your images. Common problems and how to fix. Click here for the tutorial.

Removing Covers

Need to make a repair? Here's how to get at the internal parts of your scanner. Click here for the tutorial.

Replacing and Adjusting Lamps

This tutorial covers how to replace your lamp tubes and properly adjust them. Click here for the tutorial.

Connecting a SCSI Scanner to a Mac

Here is the complete instructions on how to connect your SCSI scanner to a Mac computer. Click here to view.

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