FlexColor Software One on One Web Training

The Hasselblad/Imacon scanners are the best CCD film scanners on the market. FlexColor™ is perhaps the finest image capture software in the world. However, many purchasers do not understand it's unique approach to image processing. Once mastered, FlexColor can provide the highest quality imaging in the easiest to use form.

The Digital Coach™ is offering “over the shoulder” training in your own studio, lab, office or home with our new web based coaching. In this two hour session we can watch your screen as we guide you through the learning process. We see what you see.

We begin with a quick overview of the FlexColor™ approach. We’ll explain the importance of monitor calibration and guide you through the process. You will learn the color management strategy and the importance of the “Auto” button.

The “Setup” menu is key to controlling your results and we’ll go over how to set it up for your desired results. You’ll learn how to control contrast, sharpening, white point, black point tone curves and the very important color management process.

Now it’s time to begin with an actual scan. Let’s select our film type or setup desired and preview the image. It’s time to hit the “Auto” button and see the magic begin.

Next we’ll look at the “Histogram” control and learn the power of this great tool. Gray balance is important to an image and you’ll learn how quickly you can accomplish this. The “Graduations” or curve tool allows us to fine tune gray balance, contrast and brightness. We’ll look at how to get the most from it.

Sharpening is an important element to image processing and we’ll look at the unique FlexColor approach. The “Detail” tool gives us a look into the future with a preview of our finished scan. You will learn how to use it to preview the result of sharpening.

Now that we have our image looking the way we want, we’ll learn how to create a custom setup to repeat this process with just one click of the mouse.

We’re ready to size our image and make the final scan. You’ll learn how to determine the best kind of file, 8 bit, 16 bit, RGB, CMYK, Grayscale etc. Workflow is important for maximum efficiency and highest quality results. We’ll cover the choices and help you pick the best workflow for you.

What about “fff’? Raw image processing is a hot topic these days. Do you know Hasselblad was there first with the fff system? We’ll cover how it works and if it’s right for you.

That will fill our first two hours and you will be off and running, producing high quality scans in minutes. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is.

To purchase a training session click here. To see other web based training The Digital Coach™ Offers, click here. To go to The Digital Coach™ home page click here. A two hour personal training is $249.