One on One Web Conference Training

Many times the value of adding new equipment or processes is lost because of a long learning curve to implement the new devices. We can help you get up to speed much faster and begin making money sooner. Our new Cisco Webex conference service allows us to work with you, computer to computer. We see what is on your screen and guide you through our processes. In addition, if you have a video camera attached or built in, we can have a little face to face as well. Cisco Webex allows for video conferences at the same time. We can even take control of your computer and show you what to do step by step. Better than a lecture or seminar, we will guide you as you do it yourself with personalized coaching. These Two hour long sessions are just the right amount of time to learn without overloading you. You may combine as many sessions as you need to get all the training that is right for you. The cost is just $249 for any one of the 2 hour sessions offered. We accept all major credit cards. Purchase here.

FlexColor Software Training

The Hasselblad/Imacon scanners are the best CCD film scanners on the market. FlexColor™ is perhaps the finest image capture software in the world. However, many purchasers do not understand its unique approach to image processing. Once mastered, FlexColor™ can provide the highest quality imaging in the easiest to use form. In this two hour long session we can watch your screen as we guide you through the learning process. We see what you see. Click Here for a complete description of the training. Two hours, $249

Printing to Match Your Monitor

Many professionals and advanced amateurs have mastered image editing programs such as Photoshop or Lightroom. However, when it comes time to make that print, it just doesn't look like the beautiful image you have on your screen. In this two hour long session we will give you insight into why this happens and how to get great looking prints every time. The paper savings alone could pay for the training. Two hours, $249

Color Management

OK, so now you have your brand new color management hardware and software. Not sure where to begin. In this two hour long secession we will show you what to do and how to do it. We will cover the why as well as the how. You'll soon be enjoying predictable color from monitor to print. Two hours, $249

Intro to Photoshop for Photographers

New to Photoshop, not sure where to start and what features you need to master first. Spend a couple of hours with The Digital Coach™ and we will get you off on the right foot. Reading a whole stack of books could get you there eventually, but it's much more frustrating and time consuming. We will guide you as you quickly grasp the fundamentals you need. Two hours, $249

Computer Basics

Not ready for the more technical stuff yet? Just got your computer and not sure where to begin, we can help you get off on the right foot. Mac or PC, we will get up up and running. Whatever your skill level, we will find what clicks, pun intended, for you. The Digital Coach™ can perceive how you relate to things and guide you in a way you will understand. Spend two hours to get started right. Two hours, $249


So you have mastered the pieces. But not sure how to fit them all together. In this two hour long session we will examine what you want to accomplish and determine the best approach for the most productive workflow. We can cover topics such as RGB or CMYK? When and if you should convert files. What file format to give your service provider. When should you do it yourself or farm it out. Storage options, file formats, color management and many more topics can be covered. Two hours, $249

You Name It

Just don't know who to ask. Don't know where to find the answers. Just ask The Digital Coach™. With over 50 years experience in the Graphic Art and Photographic industry we have probably found the answer you seek. If we don't know, we can find out. Sometimes a little guidance can save you from purchasing the wrong equipment, Call us we can custom tailor two hours of just the help you need. Two hours, $249

Introduction to Lightroom.

Lightroom is the best software for managing your photos. From where to store them, adjusting for best looks, processing raw files to final prints or books, you can do it all in Lightroom. Want perfect color in all lighting conditions? Learn how to use Color Checker Passport is create custom profiles for spot on color with the click of a button. Two full hours of instruction for only $249.00. Click here to sign up.

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